I'm based in Portland, OR and would love to travel anywhere in the world to capture your love story! 

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+ a little about me

my love of photography started 10 years ago developing my first roll of film in a dark room. ever since  i’ve focused on quality over quantity. i strive to create something special and meaningful with every shot I take --staying true to my creativity while telling your story. it’s all about the connection, the experience, capturing beautiful moments as they happen naturally. get in touch and we can make some magic!

that's me over there. i live in portland oregon and love going on adventures all over. other things i love to do include drinking black coffee, playing with puppies,  seeing new places, arranging pretty flowers, enjoying red wine with dark chocolate + going on road trips

other fun facts about me:

- i went to school for graphic design

- i grew up in los angeles, california

- i hate reading the same book twice, but i can listen to the same song on repeat for days

- i shot my first wedding when i was 19

- i could eat breakfast food for every meal

- i'm an INFP according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

(just like my girls Princess Diana + Audrey Hepburn)